Julia Hacker

Artist member since 2018
North York, Ont

Julia Hacker is a Canadian contemporary artist. She was born in Belarus, part of the former USSR. After receiving Masters in Fashion Design, she worked as a leading fashion designer in the capital of Belarus. Julia was also involved in creating stage costumes and run a monthly spread in a local Fashion magazine. Julia Hacker started her artistic journey after moving to Canada, Toronto, where she still resides and works. Over the years, she has taken numerous workshops and art classes, honing her diverse techniques and art education. Today, Julia is a full-time artist, combining time between painting in her studio, mentoring, and volunteering at workshops for cancer patients. Julia Hacker created an extensive body of work and exhibited in solo and group shows in Canada, Toronto, New York, California, and Texas. Julia works closely with interior designers and real estate agents; she also makes a commissioned work and installations. Julia Hacker is a proud member of the Society of Canadian Artists. Her work is represented by ADC fine art gallery in Cincinnati. Artist sells art through online galleries and her own website. Julia Hacker's artwork is in private and corporate collections all over the world.


Julia Hacker
  • 36" x 36" x 1.5"
  • $2200 buy — $110 try
Julia Hacker
  • 30" x 30" x 1.5"
  • $1200 buy — $60 try
Julia Hacker
  • 60" x 42" x 1.5"
  • $5400 buy — $270 try
Julia Hacker
  • 70" x 46" x 1.5"
  • $6000 buy — $300 try
Julia Hacker
  • 36" x 48" x 1.5"
  • $5500 buy — $275 try
Say XOX.3
Julia Hacker
  • 22" x 28" x 0.7"
  • $900 buy — $45 try
Julia Hacker
  • 70" x 48" x 1.5"
  • $6000 buy — $300 try

Inside the Studio


Best season of the year in Toronto


Why is art important to you?

Art is a form of transition.

Favourite movie

Pulp fiction

Describe your home in 3 words

eclectic, cozy, ornamental

Beverage of choice


Favourite medium

My favourite medium is changing constantly , at least once a year.

Upcoming Exhibitions
The Artist Project 2019, Feb. 23-26

The Artist Project

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